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How quickly the female mind moves on from Summer and onto Fall! Oh how I love the fashions of this season. The other day, Mom told me: “I know why you’re so excited summer’s over, because you love accessories!” I thought it was going to be something profound like Oh, I loved going back to school to learn, or Ahh the leaves and beauty of the early sunset and early sunrise, but nope – FALL FASHION PEOPLE.

Although I do have a leaf obsession, with the warm color combinations and Earth tones lining my wardrobe, nothing says creativity like the adornments we get to cuddle up to and wrap around our wrists and shoulders! Here are a few select items I’ll be adding to my lookbook this year – won’t you share yours?

FP Vintage Patterned Bangle, $228

Shakuhachi Buttoned Up In Pleats Skirt, $293

UGG® Jolene Studded Clog, $160

BrandyMelville USA, Nixie Knit $58

BrandyMelville USA, Nixie Knit $58

find these items @: BrandyMelvilleUSA Zappos.com FP Artist’s Studio & eBay.com

That’s right, creativity is fashion. Find it wherever, however, and pair it with whatever. After all, the definition of Fashion has two parts:

a. a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress & ornament or manners of behavior


b. a manner of work

So hunt down the ‘look for less’ and enjoy sed form of self-expression.



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Hot Damn, Summer imu


& sometimes less is more.

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Let’s get back on the horse! Just because Summer is ovah, doesn’t mean we can’t <<keep it right, keep it tight>>. I’ve found that I think they’re right – combination workouts, switching things up, sticking to a healthy diet – and not just healthy eating but actually putting nutrients, protein, and positive supplements into your bod-ay – are the only way to maintain (or lose if you so desire) while enjoying the heck out of life and the delicious foods of the world!

As a more-than-frequent NYC visitor, I can’t fathom not indulging in the organic ice cream trucks that line the streets of BK, or the savory combinations of aoili and spices designed by Greenpoints’ FiveLeaves, Cafe Bar & Oysters (…and keep in mind, I’m only talking about the decadent flavors of one borough!)

So the result, get on Kanye’s Workout Plan and don’t hold back! I’ve included some of my favorite ways to exercise below & this summer, taught myself to appreciate the natural, yet lumpy :/, texture of Chobani Yogurts. A must to counter Friday’s Falafel and Sunday’s Spaghetti!

Don’t dread the tread, try these instead:

  1. Summer bike rides, vary the intensity and company based on mood
  2. Yoga/Pilates inspired by guru’s Denise Austin and Mariam Windsor, respectively
  3. Follow Women’s Health: Fitness on Twitter & participate in their daily workout tips for some sporadic fun
  4. Buy weights/medicine ball & more at Five Below for easy stretching and lifting, even in front of the tube!

Complement your efforts with a balanced diet of this (BK style: Any way you want it…)

Chobani needs me!

Chobani needs me!

& that

BLAT ala 5Leaves brooklyn, ny

& Voilà!

Easier said than done? I’ll keep you posted!


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