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It’s good to be home after the trip of pure bliss through Boston, SF, Denver and back to Newark, but I’m not finished yet! My Starbuck’s City Mug Collection is well on its way, & my mental health, thrived these past few weeks during my NJ/SF staycation glory. Exploring with my feet (hiking), palate (diverse cuisine!), & spending time with great friends and loved ones throughout. The joy of the holidays and work hiatus ecstasy simply cannot be put into words. But for you? I’ll try!

Landing down latenight, & it was time for this EST biological clock to hit the sack. Followed by days of hiking, great cultural meals native to SF and Persia, yes Persia, left me content and the fitness balance kept me from being too pleasantly plump post-holidays if you catch my drift. Mount Tam (pronounced, Tamal-pius NOT Ta-mal-país as some Spanish woman might have confused) has got to be one of the most beautiful and simple mountains in the country. Not that I have scaled many, but you’re driving along in Marin, SF and the next thing you know you’re in this breathtaking place just right around the corner from a big noisy city. Need I say more? The northern region of California, has this gorgeous balance of city, nature, and community & is nothing short of one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country. I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves, but before I do, I’ll say this: “Oops” if I end up there before I’m 30. Now there’s just this simple matter of kidnapping my family, slipping them an ambient and driving 3,000 miles before they can turn back and head home. Shh, don’t tell.

our hike

up Mt. Tam

stopping to smell the roses (or redwoods)

venturing to see the city

filled with such character

built with fervor

& adorned with stunning views

& whimsical spirit

we grabbed a bite

& a bud

to watch the sun set

on a most epic and enjoyable day!

So, although I was gone for a week, this about sums it up. Ringing in the New Year, of which I wish you a Happy One, I can’t think of a more special and unique treat from the norm! Next stop, DisneyWorld. Don’t worry work, I won’t be jet-setting forever! Much to my chagrin my wondrous travel dreams will require a steady stream of sales income, so they were right: work hard, play hard.

❤ la di da, & she’s off to explore!


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