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With Cyber Monday and Black Friday behind us, have you made it through without a scratch? From pepper spray victims to “barking dogs(screaming feet after long days of walking from those slow on the uptake!), I don’t know if I’m cut out for that all again next year! The good news is, alls well that ends well and I came out on top with bags in hand and not under my eyes! There were deals to be had people, but you  have to be willing to work! Get creative with the coupons, and have an eye for the gold versus rubbish, because even though the ‘big’ shopping days are over, we are still in a recession which means fabulous things for your wardrobe if played right.

Not only did I make some lovely purchases for the family, and cross a few people off my Christmas list already for this year, but I had the best time doing it! Mom and I rallied all weekend, as per usual, from purchases to gift wrapping and back again, laughing all the way ♫. Not to mention the smiles yet to come when my sissy and family are taken aback with surprise. Sidenote: the power moves through the mall also helped burn off some of those Thanksgiving grams, so who can be mad! Blessed weekend. Mall madness – what a thrill, sigh.

Here are a few items that inspire me to design/create for a living, but leave me shopping & decorating my apartment (&self) in the meantime … for the love of art – go find your discounted treasures!


Pictures and Purchases inspired by:

UrbanOutfitters.com FreePeople Anthropologie.com & Aritzia.com


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happy turkey day !

Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Want, 1943

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Let me deliver this with the utmost clarity – I’M SORRY! With sincerity I deliver my apologies for the lack of posts these past couple of months, but the hiatus is over! She’s back ;). I have much to catch you up on including: pictures from trips both near and far, metalsmithing techniques that changed jewelry making from a hobby to my passion, storm stories better than TheWeatherChannel ever delivered <<no offense>> & both figurative and literal family dinners that deepened my connections with family and friends enough to make any girl feel loved by the world <3.

Before I get going with a spew of updates though, allow me to reintroduce myself. With the following inspirations from my fellow bloggers, I’d like to share in the things I still know and love and recognize as beautiful and unique. These about sum it up:

Su Good Sweets

From a sweets perspective, I have continued my baking and love for chocolate but I have also fallen madly in love with cooking! From soups d’ genvieve (my high school French name) which combine any and all ingredients in the fridge that blend well in a lovely broth, to stovetop salmon grilled with a maple syrup glaze and pistachios due to a power outage & access to the sole source of energy, gas, it truly is a therapeutic blessing. My newfound love and savvy for domestic chores has me shopping smart, eating right, and polishing the kitchen floors with such fervor you’d think Queen Elizabeth herself were ‘popping’ by for a visit. Empowerment really, that’s what it all comes down to: providing for, striving for and achieving for, myself.


Let’s not forget the work hard, play hard logic though behind any well balanced trapeze. With work comes play, and although this year has thrown me some curve balls it has been one hellova ride. Whether putting it all on black on the Atlantic City roulette tables, rocking out at a concert, or tearing it up on the dance floor to work it all out, the memories are the proof in the pudding that life is good.

Trapeze of dreams…

Ahh, this picture to me represents my playful pursuit of creativity as a career. I just see this fine balance that helps structure inspiration but never constrict it. After all, if you take it all too seriously, then you’ve missed the ultimate goal of loving what you do to ensue happiness, didn’t you?

The Frontier

Coffee. On a side note, I have tweaked, no pun intended, my consumption of coffee in an effort to keep white teeth and a non-dependent energy flow – but a solid cappuccino never tasted so good when enjoyed right! ❤ newfoundlove.

Never put aside the goals you have and the things you wish to do, only modify them as you learn the facts! I see this photo and I remember the dandelion tattoo I promised I’d get myself. Picked the spot, picked the style, picked the place, planned the budget. But woman are gorgeous in all their purity, so simplicity hasn’t lost this battle yet…. food for thought.

 Baby Is A Sinner

the CRUNCH of a good Fall leaf. Enough said.

The dream, and yet still practical goal, of a Brooklyn apartment with hanging t-lights despite the fact that she’s a Jersey Girl at heart?


I miss my attic room every.day. 

Reading in a cozy chair, there just isn’t a damn thing like it!

❤ back soon, promise. jb

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