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It’s been so long! I miss thee. However, I have much excitement to catch you up on. We have a few new hobbies on the docket as of late, running full speed ahead, but all at once so other things have fallen by the wayside (sorry attic lovers!). Anyway, we’ll start by sharing details about the newest addition to the family: figurativelyspeaking.

Lo & Behold, photography’s finest

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Kit

So I didn’t take a pic of my actual camera, for obvious reasons, but you’ll notice the pics to come and I hope you enjoy the quality as much as I will. It has been a long time coming, and through some hard work, @ work, I’ve been able to skip ahead in the ‘savings’ process and nail this baby before summer’s end and the beauty of fall begins! I know some don’t wanna think about summer’s end, but I can’t help but picture myself capturing some textured, multi-color leaves with this bad boy? Oh photography.

I’m still learning of course, but with pictures to come and a class on the docket for 10 weeks beginning in September I think we’ll be good to go. I have been submerging myself in my hobbies since the I’m settled in my place for a little over a year now and am signed till June. Oh and of course this means: NO MORE EXCUSES. I underestimated the therapeutic powers of personal hobbies and time to ones’ self. What hobbies are we up to today people? Hopefully mine are timeless, and there are plenty of lenses and accessories to keep me busy as I grow in my use and experience with this the Rebel.

Jewelry class is also something I can’t believe I’ve done without for so long. Metalsmithing isn’t all that simple when you don’t have the workspace or the tools to do it right so I signed up for another class in central Jersey at a quant studio called Highland Spark. Just my luck, I probed the internet for classes and found one the DAY it began! Meant to be? – I think so! My teacher is a dollface and knows enough to keep me busy for the next 8 weeks learning everything from technique to tools & exploring even more about my personal style/opportunities as a metalsmith jeweler.  Career to come? Between that and a little photography I’m confident I could make a pretty sweet life for myself: traveling, snapping shots, selling jewelry, learning the history behind Egyptian technique & getting my hands on some of the old school Italian tools. One can dream for now right? Check out the following for guidance if you’re interested in photography or jewelry making/metalsmithing:


Canon Official Site

Willoughby’s Since 1898

A Little Digital Glossary

Ratings&Reviews for piece of mind


Schools by Location

Network w/ the Best of ’em

For your Supply Needs

Dream Big or Go Home

**Not to mention visit your public library! Books on tape, educational/historical texts on jewelry, photography and anything you can think of are out on loan. No harm in exploring if it’s free right?!

Moral of today’s story is get out and do the things you’ve ‘wanted to do’. I’ve fallen short recently on my list of personal wants goals because I let the things I ‘had’ to come before what I WANT to do. Heck, I only work and make money to enjoy life so let’s get to it! Inspiration in hobbies can be found anywhere – so it’s not all about location, price and sacrifice. All else remaining unchanged, my personal time outside of work and the gym just got that much sweeter.

Summer 2011. I love you.



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