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Figuratively & literally I’m here to report on the holiday & housewarming hangovers, respectively! I would apologize for the delay in my posting, but I have been busy as a bee, enjoying the summer days and taking the weekends for all their worth as I hope you have been doing as well. Below I’ve included some of the most magnificent summer treats I’ve baked/cooked – trying to use the oven as little as possible of course to preserve the temp at home – along with some pics of a beautiful trip to Port Jefferson for the 4th!

wine tasting

A friend from college invited a group of us up for the weekend, to pay tribute & say goodbye to a childhood house his family is selling. Unfortunately this will be my first and last trip here, but the view was breathtaking and memorable atop a hill that overlooks the beach at Port Jefferson. We spent the weekend lounging by the pool, mixing up BloodyMary’s and enjoying some of the most delicious barbeque shish kebabs, topped with local pies in any/every flavors from apple to blackberry and my favorite, strawberry rhubarb!

I couldn’t have spent a more romantic, fun-loving weekend and am glad to have been around for the farewell celebration! We also indulged in fine, aged wines during a wine tasting we held to help lighten the packing, if you will, and cleansed the palate before dinner with grapes from Spanish, Italian and local Long Island vineyards! You couldn’t have planned or prepared for the laughs and learnings experienced/shared during that tasting!

The view from the back of the house

We enjoyed some fireworks of our own on the beach that night, and as a professional ‘s’more warmer’, I heated up some delicious trifectas of marshmallow/chocolate & graham. Marveled while we ate at the beautiful fireworks and did our best not to get hit w/ misfires ;).

A lot of travel, but avoided traffic which made the long weekend all that more relaxing! Finally arriving home, I reflected on the lovely little getaway yet still had time to join a local celebration of the 4th of July, laying face up on the grass of a park to watch the Florham Park Fireworks – tradition that has lasted over 54 years!

Coming off of a long and relaxing weekend, almost made the short week ‘fun’ and bearable! Work was work and challenging as always, but my mind was already on to planning the following weekend, which was set aside for a travel-free housewarming party with my new roommate! Eagerly anticipating the stay-cation to come, my girl and I planned the menu, drinks, and decor we would enroll to make this weekend special. (Finally curtaining the windows and giving the place the makeover we’ve been meaning to since move-in on June 1!) Friday was spent with champagne and drill bits as we put together the final touches, printed pictures, and bought plants for our cozy abode.

Leaving ample time to spend Saturday in the sun – we barbecued salmon for dinner and awaited the arrival of our guests! Celebrating life until the wee hours of the morning we mixed old friends with new, her friends and mine, and threw in a few family members for good measure! It is surely going to be another year to remember here in Morristown, NJ. We may not be bumping like NYC, but there is little left to be desired when there is fun to be had, good eats , and beautiful poolside lounging to be enjoyed.

chicken rollatini done with arugula, garlic, and thinly sliced mozzarella!


puff pastry pizza in both tomato&basil, and sundried tomato & arugula varieties for your taste buds’ enjoyment

& not to mention, individual Spanakopitas homemade specially by a Greek Goddess, better known as my roommate

Ah, we couldn’t have asked for more with this weekend, topping off Sunday with my first-ever visit to the South Street Creamery after a year of living here (yes I know this is pathetic!). Final stop, a little creative & personal time to be spent at Summit Antique Center which is open 7 days a week – yes you heard right, 7 days/wk! – not enough places know what it means to work every day and want to enjoy a nice Sunday out and about exploring!

This weekend/month has been well-lived,

oh July what else do you have in store for moi!


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