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Let me begin with a brief definition of this weekend.

“Gluttony: derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or intoxicants to the point of waste.”

I wouldn’t go as far as to call it ‘waste’ though because I appreciated every bite, and shared most all of it with great friends and family! It started with the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, then an in house celebration of Puerto Rican pride, ending with two very special birthdays for Mom + Dad!

The Big Apple BBQ was tremendous fun. Located around Madison park, the BBQ ran both Sat&Sun on Madison between 23-26th. There were hundreds enjoying bbq cuisine from The Pitmaster Ed M, Ubons BBQ, BlueSmoke, and more – like the population of NYC, some chefs were from out of town and some right there in the NYC neighborhood. All were worth raving about! I enjoyed, and shared, a pulled pork sandwich, and two styles of ribs that can be found below. The cooks in the kitchen were handling large ‘paintbrush’ styled brushes to lather the meat with flavor galore, the result being moist barbecue flesh that fell off the bone and into my mouth with ease!

Next stop, Puerto Rican Day Parade/Birthday Bash Family Celebration! Saturday night was spent in a food coma, and out&about to walk off the day! But Sunday morning, I woke with an appetite for more pork, but Spanish style! My uncle, the Jewish Chef that can cook some of the best Puerto Rican delights you’ve ever tasted, rolled out a menu of Black beans, yellow rice, and Pernil (spanish roast pork), flavoured with the best! I can’t be giving out family recipes, but I can assure you there’s nothing like it on the planet. We warmed up the palate with empanadillas, a tribute to my most beautiful and delightful grandma Flora Colon Saif from Guayanilla, PR. As if you’re not salivating already, check out these goodies below.


We continued the food celebration with a little ice cream cake for the parents’ birthdays, June 11th/12th, and I’d say this year’s big day will be one for the books! I love my friends and family dearly and I learned this weekend that to share life, good food, and good conversation with loved ones is really all you need! There’s something so enjoyable about exploring life and the world’s cultural offerings without travel. Sometimes we don’t have the time, budget, or bandwidth to get away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience some of the world’s greatest delights and cultural offerings. Sometimes that savory meal or soul-inspiring music does the trick!

❤ enjoy life through your senses y’all!

(special thanks to all the BBQ masters, my uncle included, that contributed to this weekend’s menu. Signed, jenny’s satisfied belly, & to my dear auntie who decorates her backyard with such charm!).


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Coming off a most beautiful Memorial Day weekend and I hope you are as well! The recovery is painful and long but I can’t say it I’d do it any other way given the chance. I spent time with friends, family, and loved ones in the most perfect balance – and basically wish every weekend were a 4-day one! I took Thursday afternoon/evening to recognize the commencement of an amazing year with my roommate, as we chowed down on some sushi, wasabi roll i ❤ you, and drank some wine while cleaning. This was followed by a lovely day off on Friday – one of the 20 days I have yet to touch and we’re already into Q2, woof!  – but regardless, it was spent running some quick errands, including some therapeutic retail, during the ‘9-5’ followed by ample time bbqing with my sister and a local crew before I hit the ground running.

Saturday, yet ANOTHER gorgeous day – I went home to spend some time with family and some old friends I haven’t seen in too long! Since graduation, everyone has kind of been working towards their jobs, traveling, and making the most of the post-college depression in an effort to ‘work hard, play hard’ if you will, that we have not all been in the sample place very often! We played some throwback games, had a few cocktails by the pool, and remembered what it was like to get down and not have a care in the world! Memories floating around, and conversations that bring you back have a way of making me feel at peace with my accomplishments and how far we’ve all come in such a short few years.

Finally, it was off to escape my home and home away from home (apt), and make moves to the Catskills! No, I have never been but YES I shall be returning! I took some pictures below because I knew my words wouldn’t be able to
convey the beauty and character of my friend’s quaint little home! (Little is actually an understatement because the house resides on 70 acres!) We spent some time as well with painter Eugene Gregan and his lovely wife Beverly. She mad a to-die-for Tangelo syrup, recipe found here, for our Angel food cake and with a side of berries you are in true dessert heaven. They complement each other like no other couple as they both garden and have an affinity for a sustainable lifestyle, her cooking and baking as he paints her work and then I presume they both indulge in their work, figuratively and literally speaking. Visit his site, and you better be ready to ‘shell out’ 6 grand in payments because his work is something you won’t be able to deny!

*working on savings for an investment in the camera of my dreams but until then, enjoy these!

The tremendous talent the two of them shared, coupled with their hospitality and rich spirit for life truly put the cherry on my Memorial Day Weekend Sundae/y (pun definitely intended). There was also a romantic/deathly scary storm the night we were there that was some hybrid between anxiety attack and relaxing white noise sleeper tones. Truly unforgettable no matter which way you look at it! Here are a few more shots from the trip – now all I need is an excuse to get back there ASAP!

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