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With work being a little stressful this week, I put all my energy into having a fabulous weekend to make up for it – good news is, I did just that! Visited with friends from California and NJ on Friday, whom I haven’t had the chance to see in a bit, and it was a night full of beautiful laughter and refreshing conversation. We played The Game of Things, which if you haven’t heard of yet you need to purchase immediately, and the laughter was out of this world. With a mix of old friends and new it was so great to catch up and see what everyone has been up to and where this life is taking them!

It’s amazing to hear the opportunities that are out there for travel, and untraditional employment options, such life-changing/impacting experiences! This weekend definitely made me want to consider moving to a new city or making moves to plan that adventurous summer vacation I have been toying with. However, rather than getting bogged down with where/when to go, or going into planning-mode, which I have been be known to do, I am taking comfort in the fact that at some point the stars align and opportunities present themselves when the timing is right!

With that said I took my travels where I could this weekend! On Saturday I hit NYC to explore, enjoy decadent foods at SohoPark and Pete’s Tavern, which I strongly recommend for a casual burger at lunch or dinner, respectively  and topped the night off with the Yankees vs the Red Sox. Ending at the bar for some late night dancing and life celebration with friends and lovers, I looked forward to a relaxing Sunday, forced to cuddle and stay in due to the rain. I wasn’t even mad :).

Made our own pizza on Sunday, mixed with BloodyMary deliciousness I was in food coma heaven – topped with Cherries which, yea all, are back in season!! The picture below about sums it up, dreamy, delicate, delicious cherry-shaped love was how I would describe this weekend and this life. Ay yay yai have I got a lot to be thankful for!
Cheers y’all, to travel and culture that shapes who we are, and not to mention the relationships we build when sharing our experiences. Remember as well these wise words a friend shared with me after a heart to heart: be pleased to live, don’t live to please. Now go off and explore blissful spontaneity in this life!


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