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Today is the most beautiful day of the year! Mother Nature has the power to heal wounds, broken spirits and hearts, bring a smile to all that receive her, and deserves our love in return! There’s a plethora of innovative ways in which to contribute and all of them enjoyable. Whether recycling those milk cartons, walking instead of driving, or taking advantage of Lowe’s million free tree’s for Earth Day challenge, Sat Apr 23 – go now! – it’s easy to find a convenient way to do your part and show your love for our girl. Below are a few of my favorite things about nature and what motivated me to show mine –



Poppytalk, no pun intended




Further, I’m sharing ideas I came across when thinking about my Earth day plans, and the planter’s project I finally took on for myself this afternoon. Although fashionably late, Spring is on the way and what better way to hit the softer soil with your hoe, no pun intended this time, and plant something more than just your bum on the couch. Make it happen, our babe Mother Nature deserves it!



In the spirit of Earth day and Easter, I planted flowers to kill two birds with one stone, without killing any birds at all. To show my appreciation for not only Mother Nature, but my own Mother, and her beloved was in which she makes each holiday special, I sent her a message in bloom. “Forget-Me-Not”s as my sister saw them, were the best way to show our love after having both moved out this past year leaving her and Dad empty nesting! Growth both personally and botanically were worth the leap but I always look forward to our trips home during which the family comes together to fill our hearts and tummies with joy. I hope she’s pleasantly surprised when, and if, these little babies bloom!!!


Remember to get your trees tomorrow, and try to take that bike ride you planned – preserving the Earth and getting right for the summer all in one! Tribute to eHowHomeFPClothingBoutiqueBlog, Tuulikki Titines via Flickr & PoppytalkHandmade for your contributions.


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I have to share this because it is TOO good to keep to myself. Saw this awesome spatula on CraftGossip.com and it could quite possibly be THE most amazing item to be found in any kitchen. I hit the mall shopping with my mom this past weekend to grab your classic kitchen items – you know, a girl’s got to have more than bakeware in the kitchen to maintain a balanced diet. So lacking a few essentials, I went to MACY’S morning bird special sale & mom & I definitely took those worms by storm! I got a lovely Calphalon pot set, bowls for mixing up some things special, and a unique set of utensils I can’t wait to fork around with. Regardless, no cooking tools are complete without this beautifully creative spatula, so it might just be my final kitchen-aide purchase.

Get yours at Etsy.com, by Lorelei Rose.

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As April showers fall upon us this week, remember to enjoy those extra 5 minutes in the morning, cozy up to a book/movie before bed & remember how relaxing it can be to listen to the rain as you drift off to sleep! There is beauty to be had as we await the flowers that ‘may’ lay ahead of us. Little Miss Penny takes it all in as she cozies up in her bed of down comforter. We could all stand to learn a little something from this snuggle puggle.

What’s even more cozy, are these soft and luscious pussy willows which happen to be my favorite. I was always jealous of homes along rivers where these babies grow naturally – they’re just delightful & everytime I pass the ones I cut in my room I can’t help but smile and feel warm inside. I trimmed these down from long stems that had seen better days, recycle the parts of your plants not yet lost to the cycle of life -also some tips on How to Grow Pussy Willows yourself.

Native to North America and Europe and a TRUE sign of spring!

& the final ‘cozy’ I know is some good ole fashioned comfort food. While the rain subsides, settle in for an Italian themed Sunday! Plan for a good mobster movie, I recommend The Godfather if you can get your hands on a copy and have time enough to watch, and make the BEST pizza for the occasion: Arugula and Prosciutto

Just find the following ingredients at your local supermarket:

Arugula, Tomato Sauce (or homemade!), Prosciutto (di Parma), (Fresh) Mozzarella, Basil Leaves, Onions, Garlic, Parmesan and Crushed Red Pepper (to taste)

You won’t believe your taste buds when you crunch – but be patient! The longer you keep this bad boy in, the more punch the crust will pack. (It’s worth the wait I promise.)

I leave you with this delicacy – and remember boys, a girl who can cook like this brings truth to The Godfather words:

In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns

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