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GO CAMPING! I was checking out some other blogs today and I gotta tell ya, I can’t WAIT to go camping. All these photos of spring and summer clothing and beautiful views have got me in the mood to run wild! The season is slowly creeping in as this past weekend was frigid, but when it gets here you can bet I will be out riding my bike, playing with friends and most certainly enjoying all of nature’s elements. Here were some of the photos that inspired me to hit the gym after work! I look forward to sleeping in the wild, swimming among the fish & exploring the city’s elements under the cozy sun withOUT my scarf and gloves. Mother Nature – we’re ready for you mama!

oh mr. sun, sun, mr. golden sun – please shine down on me…

mr. sun, sun, Mr. golden sun, hiding behind a tree

oh mr. sun, sun mr. golden sun, please shine down on me! ❤

What can’t you wait to do when the sunshine season arrives?? Feel Free to Share …


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my life philosophy

For those who know me, it is not the first time you’ve heard me say – take what you can carry – In fact, is it quite often I mention my life philosphy! I find it saves me money and time when I focus on the things I need, and limit myself to only what I can carry. At the liquor store, at the grocery store, and most often at any store where shopping is involved! I can’t lie either it becomes somewhat of a circus act that can be entertaining for all! So this physical challenge has worked for me and I wanted to share! I do recommend this to some, but not those with slippery fingers – as my sister, with all of her good intentions, can be known to some as <<butterfingers bambara>> 😉 – but if you can pull this off it is well worth it!

Happy, & smart, Shopping!

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I absolutely can’t wait to get my Vogue subscription that my sister so kindly ordered for me for my birthday! Inspired by fashion today I went online and did some ‘monitor shopping’, a new take on ‘window shopping’, only this way  you get to do it from the comfort of your home, of course. I kept the ATM card safely packed away, although this was difficult, but came out with some great finds that if memorable enough will bring me back to their respective sites to satisfy my buyer’s regret! Take a look at some of these designer items by designers Les Composantes, Rennes @ Etsy.com, Stuart Weitzman  & more!

Cartable Taupe

Cartable Taupe

Rennes - distressed rawhide 5''sm wallet

Thanks to :Honestly WTF…

& let’s not forget a few free-spirited Spring looks from our friends @ BLDG 25 FPblog

& in the word’s of the legendary Madonna <<Strike a pose there’s nothin to it>>

oh April Edition, I’ll wait forever for you

*or until Apr 1 & then call Vogue because you’re late!

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The parade is coming to Morristown, and to start my day off right I made a bit of sangria and Irish soda bread w/ the help of my friends from Simply Recipes & TheFoodNetwork.com . With a bit of ‘carbohydration’ I will be sharing bread and sangria with friends before the parade’s festivities. Emeril’s fruit sangria is going to put the <<BAM>> in Bambara as we head to The Famished Frog, The Grasshopper off the Green and more! I look forward to yet another festive weekend with friends, fun and good food.

Feel free to check out these recipes and try for yourself! Only tip to the readers is READ directions thoroughly before baking, I got to the ‘don’t knead the dough too much’ part after mixing, and well, maybe have fallen victim to the “tough” outcome. Still delish, so there is hope for us all!




















Also, my favorite aspect of this sangria, is you can literally add any combination of these and other fruits and the base is delightfully adaptable. Pears, Lime, Lemon, Oranges, and Apples seemed like a lot of kick and variation but they did just the trick. I recommend making it your own and adding your favorite fruit into the mix or replacing on one of the above. Enjoy!










Not to mention, I highly recommend a background of Pandora‘s Ella Fitzgerald station, which just so happens to have more than 1920’s jazz. The soulful tunes featured may or may not have had me, wooden spoon in hand, salsa-ing through the kitchen to Rosemary Clooney’s Sway. 😉

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This weekend was the perfect blend of holiday fun and independent adventure! I sprinted out of work Friday afternoon, eager to indulge in my favorite thin crust pizza from the local pizzeria complemented by red wine & a chick flick with my roommate. It proved to be a most relaxing night before hitting the town of Hoboken, Nj for their traditional St. Patty’s Day Parade. Visiting with old friends from school and spending time with my best, it was filled with green pizza & beautiful sunshine, not to mention the classic parade instrumentals & decadent costumes. Following the parade was yet another relaxing night, before exploring Manhattan’s finest antique flea markets and boutiques.

Sunday Morning I awoke to a much depressing rainfall, however I came prepared! My heart was set on traveling cross-town to the West side to check out Manhattan’s largest Green Flea Market and that’s just what I decided to do. The rain was actually refreshing and I took comfort from its sting in a warm cup of apple cider from the farmer’s market along Columbus. I tackled the indoor market in good time and now when I return to explore the outdoor vendors I will not find myself the least bit overwhelmed by the plethora of artistry and antique finds.

Then, as if my luck hadn’t quite run out, I found a clocksmith to repair a watch I conceded as long past it’s glory years of functionality and now was only worth its form – and did I mention, free of charge. The city is such a place of wonder and surprise between the people you meet and the experiences to be had, there is nothing in the world that could replace such character.The following are just a few things I came across in my travels: 

Veggie focaccia made with fresh ingredients from the farmers market for lunch, so delicious I couldn’t put it down long enough to grab a shot – whoops! Picked up some raisin rugelach for Sunday’s <<family dinner>> and it was off to catch the train and meet my sister back on Morristown, Nj to close out another successful 48 hr work hiatus.

Mmm, good food, good friends, good fun.

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making a mess

This quote says it all. Spontaneous, creative, unpredictable – life.  While sometimes uncertainty or the lack of a plan can make some, mainly myself, feel anxious & less ‘productive’, other times the richness of letting your imagination run wild is more of an accomplishment than any weekend workout or errands. So cheers to letting life take you where it may and freeing ourselves from the demands of the ‘to-do’ lists & suffocating routines.



thank you freepeople for not stopping at my wardrobe when you provide my life’s inspiration

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