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Oh how I’ve waited in disbelief for the ring I found at Antique Attic in Santa Barbara, California. Shipped in for my birthday, I was delighted when my mom mentioned the thoughtful gift that was soon to come! This ring says it all – 6-prong setting, coral stone that reminds me of my favorite summer job (making & selling jewelry at a stand in the mall during holidays) and not to mention the family vacation of a lifetime. It is something quite special to receive on a young lady’s birthday and with quality and care I will cherish it for some time to come!



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This weekend was one for the books – friends, family, fun & let’s not forget food; With a line-up of Puerto Rican cuisine consisting of empanadillas, pernil, arroz y gandules, firjoles negros , platanos y postres. For those who need the translation – beef stuffed cheesy tortillas, yellow rice and delectable beans, scrumptious black beans, smashed sweet and savory bananas and to die for desserts. Okay so I added a few words – but this meal is one I don’t get often so I needed to portray its memorable sabores. Aside from great food, though, the company I kept was even better. Family from Tennessee and a celebration that comes but once in a lifetime we shared laughter and caught up on many missed years of memories. We’ll make sure the next visit isn’t as far away or long awaited, but either way the time shared this weekend left my heart feeling warm and full. Here are some photos – definitely worth a thousand words a piece…

*make a wish!

Pennygirl has the right idea after all this food & fun

The moral of this weekend is this – cherish the time you have with your family. With all the errands, schedules and routine that we fall into, it isn’t as often as we’d like that we get to spend time ALL together. We got lucky with the extended weekend and flexible work schedules that we were able to squeeze in a fairly lengthy visit – & an unforgettable one at that!

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a sweet encounter…

It’s not Valentine’s Day without a bit of baking & crafting! Enjoy making these for friends, loved ones & others…

I am in a bowling league, & tonight I’ve bringing these along to sweeten up the bitter loss our competition was about to face! Or better yet, to lead them to believe my team <<A League of their Own>> as many know us, is just a bunch of girls who can’t bowl. Sweet, sweet revenge on the bad-mouthing they were doing the week prior. i heart cookies & bowling!

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eat your heart out –

To all those lovebirds out there and those without, I recommend a little heart-shaped pizza this Valentine Season with, hold the phone, artichoke hearts. In combination with either vodka sauce or marinara as your base, I really appreciated the delightful pie my handsome man & I created this Sunday evening. Also, optional additions include sundried tomatoes, onions, and whoops – bacon! Enhancing any food, this was the kicker for a special sweet yet salty bite. We started with a green salad with fresh veggies for good measure, & digestion. And don’t forget, the garlic knots! A super easy way to repurpose the dough after cutting out your heart shape, these are great with just a bit of parsley, crushed red pepper and of course a healthy amount of garlic.

Either way …







❤ Eat your hearts out this Valentine’s Day!

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tonight i wish, i wish for this

tonight i wish, i wish with this –

i’ll find the cure for such illness

tonight i wish, i wish for this


tonight i wish, i wish for this

tonight i wish, that if we add this

this little girl won’t feel so sick

tonight i wish, i wish for this


tonight i wish, i wish for this

and with perhaps a bit of this –

i’ll wake up to healthy bliss

tonight i wish, i wish for this.

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Birthday Wish List*

She’s 23. Graduated, moved out, with job, in life and in love. What more could I ask for you wonder? I don’t know to be honest! Sure there’s that top I saw shopping but turned the other cheek to avoid retail impulse, or dinner at some fancypants restaurant I would never take myself to but my parents can’t wait to treat me to – but regardless of how or with whom it is spent, it’s 24 hours during which I’ll be smiling. There’s something dreamy about picturing the day starting out as usual (23 years ago) but ending your presence into this world; Or knowing it’s the special day when perhaps you’re working as usual but it doesn’t matter that the fax is broken and your boss is in a bad mood because heck, it’s your Birthday! It might just be the fantastical little girl in me that still enjoys birthdays as if I were planning a slumber party with my girlfriends from school, no boys allowed, but I’d like to think that tickle in your heart on your day of the 365 in the year doesn’t fade. So I guess what I’m saying is this: even if I’m still hoping to travel, and searching for the dream job (you know the one in which you get paid to do what you love), or haven’t found myself yet, nor the person I’ll spend the rest of my life with, I’m living and loving and learning, so I’ll celebrate the day I got the opportunity to do so. Happy Birthday to all my February babies, especially the one’s who share my special day, today!

In year 23 & beyond, I see myself aspiring to greatness…

1. an apartment w/ character, even when i’m not there

2. a career driven by creativity





3. experiences that take me out of my comfort zone

4. the will and wallet to travel the world & 5. a DSLR to capture it all

Cheers – to happy birthdays

acknowledgements to Daydream Lily & sfgirlbybay

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gameday grub-

A couple of friends got together this weekend to watch the Superbowl, & each contributed entertainment and eats to the delicious Sunday spread. I couldn’t help but miss the first quarter as I replaced lunch with a bit of bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms. Unfortunately the lovely Christina Aguilera choked on our National Anthem, but the only choke in my night was spinach and artichoke dip. Homemade from a must-have cookbook my sister recently purchased: Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200, it has as you guessed it, some amazing recipes for under 200 calories! To supplement, we had beer soaked bratwurst, which had enough flavour to compete with Williamsburg’s Biergartens’ if you ask me, veggie dip & hot wings to boot. Not to mention a few Franziskaner Hefeweizens to wash it all down – which happens to taste like Amstel Light, much to my delight. Makes trying something new such a delight when you realize what you’ve been missing and ❤ it. Topped off with 5 layer bars, hand-crafted by navy&cream with decadent butterscotch, chocolate, coconut, pecan & a graham cracker base. A sweet finish to a much enjoyed weekend!

stuffed mushrooms

veggie platter



5-layer bars

good eats, good game, goodnight.

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