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An eventful day at work left me no energy for the gym, but there’s always inspiration to feed off of in the kitchen! A special someone sent me this recipe today – a thai green curry dish that answered my taste buds’ prayers. Made a few thoughtful changes including shitake mushrooms, as every thai dish should have, & chicken to get this girl her daily protein. The best thing about this recipe, besides the delicate balance of sweet & spicy, is the flexibility to incorporate different ingredients based on the cook’s preferences. To each his own, as there is an infinite number of permutations for the savory coconut curry base.

Ingredients: Eggplant, Chicken, Shitake Mushrooms, Peas, Spinach, Basil, Scallions, Coconut Milk, Thai Green Curry Paste, Fish Oil, Brown Sugar, & Lime Juice (however, make-it-your-own: add or eliminate anything you desire/dislike, respectively)

Procedure:  Simple steps can be found where the recipe originated – Ginger & Berries

It is simple pleasures like cooking something special & watching Wheel of Fortune in the company of my roomie and lottery queen Yolanda Vega, that help push me over hump day and on towards the weekend!

Curled up with some framboise lambic on a cozy chair & a 1/2 was just what the doctor ordered to distract a post-grad, young lost soul from her thoughts of “now what?”. Curiosity that actually feels like pressure residing in the back of my mind has me wondering, ‘what am I doing with my life – as a member of the real world with no path defined by society after undergrad but the obvious hopeful, yet intimidating open road to wherever you dream to go because after all this is America the land of endless opportunity right?’ Excuse the rant but it all of a sudden put the quarter-life crisis into perspective, & it doesn’t scare me anymore, rather it inspires me. My fear of failure, confusion and lack of a ‘plan’ for my years to come are exactly the things I have to look forward to; so cheers to the unknown – & I fully intend to document my life journey as I emulate the Disney movies that were my upbringing, until this Jasmine let’s her heart decide, Little Mermaid rises above and runs free and Cinderella finds her prince, not necessarily in that order.

here’s to my new appetite for life – bon appetit


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This weekend was one in a million! Worked from home on Friday, never hurts, and got a few unexpected, but much appreciated, visitors! Special thanks to all who came by my sister’s and contributed to some good laughs – nothing like spending a little weekend at home-sweet-home. After a fun, yet frugal, trip to IKEA, and a little Jim Carrey on SNL Live, we topped off the weekend with a typical Italian Sunday dinner. 

Mom’s Italian Homemade meat sauce

Meatballs…hot&sweet sausage, and beef (or pork) brasciole!

Unfortunately I can’t give you the whole recipe, otherwise it wouldn’t be a family secret, however, I will tell you this – the most important ingredients are crushed red pepper and garlic – never too much.

I will share the secret to a delightful and succulent garlic bread


(amts fluctuate to taste and size of loaf)

1 loaf french bread

4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil (butter if preferred)

3 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp grated cheese (recommend: Locatelli’s Pecorino Romano)

3 Tbsp chopped parsley

Mozzarella (to top loaf, optional)


– slice bread in half, horizontally

– drizzle olive oil to lightly coat each half

– sprinkle chopped cloves of garlic over olive oiled loaf

– sprinkle chopped parsley to taste, along with parmesan cheese

– broil for 5-7 minutes

– cut and enjoy!

Mangia, mangia!

**Final Tips to making the best Italian Sunday Dinner – DON’T skimp out on the sauces, buy the quality names as it makes a world of difference. I recommend RedPack to get the biggest bang for your buck! This dinner has the ability to help those who create it hold on to the last day of the weekend as long as possible, which is just what I’m doing…

❤ jb

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antique buttons compliments of SF, California

& sweet as a peach necklace



hand-crafted by yours truly, – j

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snowed in!

Our first snow of 2010! I was trapped last weekend in the abyss of the first Jersey blizzard of 2010. Seriously tempted to snowboard down my street, but I thought I’d never return considering my walk back would have been through 2+ feet of snow and I was so bundled I couldn’t put my arms down. Instead I helped dad dig out the cars by chance the plow would come along and free us from our neighborhood but not a chance. I was literally snowed in for several days with only movies, showering, and food to keep me busy. Between the delicious Christmas leftovers, and mix of flicks: The Town & Eat Pray Love, I was hiding, laughing and crying all day. Definitely enough emotional roller-coastering to put me into a deep sleep just to do it all again on Monday. I’ll tell you, little old Holmdel, NJ will take a tax dollar or two but when it comes time to let you out for a gallon of milk they are nowhere in sight! Won’t say I’d have rather been working but still…. Here are some of the pics from my snow-trapped weekend –

Never a cozier weekend! There’s something to be said about complete & utter relaxation because your at the mercy of Mother Nature. Blissful Blizzard I say.

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